Monday, March 16, 2009

Something to do

I'm trying to think of something to write about and coming up blank. So I'm just gonna write random stuff now. Grrr, the stupid enter key wont let me make another paragraph. It's really frustrating.

Aha I got it to work!

So I just found this really awesome hotwheels car on the table next to me, must be my brothers'. If it was a real car I'd totally drive it. A pic for you:

Totally cool. Aha.

I'm getting really frustrated with a little piece of crap game that I can't get. I've got it a hundered times before (because it's a good waste of time) but right now I can't, it's seriously making me mad. Idk why I get so upset when I can't get little things perfectly right. Not like school work, no. But pointless oldfashoined handheld games, of course I do! It doesn't make sence. You see, this game you have to get the little balls on their designated hole without going to the other side, and there's all different sizes. So if you get one on the other side through a bigger hole, you have to start over. It's extremely frustrating. Okay...taking a break from obsessing over trying to win this game. I'll do it later. And i will get it..later.

I have a reacurring dream of my Biology teacher Mrs. Kietzman chasing me through Toys R Us. Reacurring. How weird is that? I wonder if it means something, like I'm afraid of her or something. Haha. Nah, it must mean I hate Bio. Yeah that's probably it.That's a picture of a frog. Hahah.


  1. Nice frog sis! lol P.S. that game you were talking about is REALLY frustrating. The other day obsessed over it for about 30 min.! gtg c ya in like 2 secs when i get off the computer!lol

  2. I love this! I especially like the picture when you first get here. You did a great job on all of it! Keep it up


  3. Today I just won my first Solitare game on my 1 gig 1st generation iPod!!! I'm SO STINKIN' HAPPY!!!!!!!!

    Ew, I'm NOT looking forward to dissecting when I'm in high school. Just because I'm homeschooled doesn't mean I escape from that. Justice does it all the time. He even dissected a shark!!!

  4. Thank you sister and mother.
    Julia, I am veyr prooud of you. aha.
    Yeah, it's not fun. Oh a shark really? We didn't do those because they stink so bad. A couple years ago they did the skark and it stunk up the whole school. haha.