Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dude, I hate Wednesdays!

You know why I hate Wednesdays? Because they're the middle of the week. It means it's not the beginning of the week or the end. It's a nothing day. A boring, normal, repetative day. Plus, the Wednesday school schudual is all mixed up so it messes with everyone's head, mainly mine. Haha.
And lately I've wanted my texting back extremely bad. Like in the past week I feel like I'm going insane again over it like when I got it taken away a while ago. Ways to make money to pay for it are limited when you're 14! Allowence would rock. Getting paid for babysitting my brothers would be almost as good. Or maybe my mom will just be nice and forgive me for going over the last time by giving it back to me. But I doubt it. I don't even have anything else to spend money on, except for all the stupid stuff that teens spend money on like food. Haha.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

This Weekend

This weekend was fun. It was niceeee outside. Went to Monical's after school on Friday because of the short day, then went to the trussle then the park. Some pictures.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Comparing Starbucks Refreshments.

I'm craving Starbucks right now really bad. Mmmm...a java chip mocha frapaccino...I can almost taste it...Or if a java chip mocha frapaccino wont do it I at least want a Starbucks mocha double shot. But, when you compare the two, the double shot is no match for the java chip:

^^ Java Chip

Double Shot-->

Clearly, the java chip wins. The double shot is actually like half as big as a tall java chip. (To those of you who don't know Starbucks, tall is small). So, now I want it more than I did before I started writing this. Goshh...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cheez-Its and such.

I happen to be eating cheez-its right now. But not just any cheez-its, they are SCRABBLE cheez-its! They all have letters on them! Too cool. Look I made a word ^^


So It's really nice out today. It's 73 freaking degrees! Amazing. Heading outside in a few minutes. Too bad it's gonna rain tomorrow.

I got it eventually.
<-- It's harder than it looks. I gotta do the dishes now so I can head out and play catch while it's nice.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Something to do

I'm trying to think of something to write about and coming up blank. So I'm just gonna write random stuff now. Grrr, the stupid enter key wont let me make another paragraph. It's really frustrating.

Aha I got it to work!

So I just found this really awesome hotwheels car on the table next to me, must be my brothers'. If it was a real car I'd totally drive it. A pic for you:

Totally cool. Aha.

I'm getting really frustrated with a little piece of crap game that I can't get. I've got it a hundered times before (because it's a good waste of time) but right now I can't, it's seriously making me mad. Idk why I get so upset when I can't get little things perfectly right. Not like school work, no. But pointless oldfashoined handheld games, of course I do! It doesn't make sence. You see, this game you have to get the little balls on their designated hole without going to the other side, and there's all different sizes. So if you get one on the other side through a bigger hole, you have to start over. It's extremely frustrating. Okay...taking a break from obsessing over trying to win this game. I'll do it later. And i will get it..later.

I have a reacurring dream of my Biology teacher Mrs. Kietzman chasing me through Toys R Us. Reacurring. How weird is that? I wonder if it means something, like I'm afraid of her or something. Haha. Nah, it must mean I hate Bio. Yeah that's probably it.That's a picture of a frog. Hahah.

This is so cute. It made me laugh.

Being Sick at Home is Boring.

I am so bored, I hate being sick. And I'll have to makeup school work. Pretty sure we were dissecting a frog today in Bio, am I right? Too bad I missed that.

Anyway, here's a picture of a lifesize barbie cake I saw on my cousins blog.

I wonder what part is cake and what part is plastic, hm. Looks like the lady is cutting into Barbie's hip. Wow.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Post

So, some people told me I should make a blog. Here it is. It may not be too exciting. I'll probably just complain a lot. Haha. But, whatever. Read and comment.

Hm. My neck hurts. Don't know what's wrong with it. Feel's like a tendon tore or something. Idk. Probably go to the doc on Tuesday.

Ew, tomorrow's Monday. That means school...I want a longer weekend. Or nap time in school. That would be pretty sweet. We could like exchange a study hall for nap time. Wow that would be awesome.

This weather is amazing! I wish it was 60 degrees forever. I'm so sick of winter, it lasts way too long. That's probably because most of the school year is in the winter time. Yay, school's almost over! Omg, I can't wait till summer time.

I broke another guitar string today, this time on the electric. There's something wrong with the strings they're putting on the guitars, they keep uncoiling. Stupid cheap strings. So now I have to take it back to the music shop to get it restrung. I wish I knew how to string them, that would be so much easier.

Now I'm starting to bore myself. Is that even how you spell bore? It doesn't look right...whatever. I'm tired. Think I'm gonna go to bed, cause I have school tomorrow. Don't wanna go. Ugh, okay bedtime. I wrote more than I was planning to. Night ya'll.