Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cheez-Its and such.

I happen to be eating cheez-its right now. But not just any cheez-its, they are SCRABBLE cheez-its! They all have letters on them! Too cool. Look I made a word ^^


So It's really nice out today. It's 73 freaking degrees! Amazing. Heading outside in a few minutes. Too bad it's gonna rain tomorrow.

I got it eventually.
<-- It's harder than it looks.

Hmmm...so I gotta do the dishes now so I can head out and play catch while it's nice.



  1. That's so not fair!! You guys get all the nice weather when we're all sweating our heads off down here in SoFla. Sheesh, you're lucky!

  2. hahaha, true. BUT, not during the winter. Bitter, bitter winter. It's nice out right now too. Sprinkling, sunny and warm.

  3. It's been raining like crazy the past two days. Hopefully, we will have some nice weather tomorrow.

  4. aha, I would think you would be happy to have a little rain, considering it's always hot and sunny there.