Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Post

So, some people told me I should make a blog. Here it is. It may not be too exciting. I'll probably just complain a lot. Haha. But, whatever. Read and comment.

Hm. My neck hurts. Don't know what's wrong with it. Feel's like a tendon tore or something. Idk. Probably go to the doc on Tuesday.

Ew, tomorrow's Monday. That means school...I want a longer weekend. Or nap time in school. That would be pretty sweet. We could like exchange a study hall for nap time. Wow that would be awesome.

This weather is amazing! I wish it was 60 degrees forever. I'm so sick of winter, it lasts way too long. That's probably because most of the school year is in the winter time. Yay, school's almost over! Omg, I can't wait till summer time.

I broke another guitar string today, this time on the electric. There's something wrong with the strings they're putting on the guitars, they keep uncoiling. Stupid cheap strings. So now I have to take it back to the music shop to get it restrung. I wish I knew how to string them, that would be so much easier.

Now I'm starting to bore myself. Is that even how you spell bore? It doesn't look right...whatever. I'm tired. Think I'm gonna go to bed, cause I have school tomorrow. Don't wanna go. Ugh, okay bedtime. I wrote more than I was planning to. Night ya'll.


  1. Ew, Mondays are ROTTEN!!! I certainly feel for you, but please pity me too, since I have to get up at 6:45!!!

    My dad knows how to string guitars. If you come over to Florida sometime this summer, he could probably teach you.

    Down here, it's about 82 degrees. It's really hot, and me and my mom went to the pool today. I have a new swimsuit! It rox my sox.

    Kaitlyn, you are a wonderful speller. I am amazed and astounded that you can spell "bore." It is so amazing that it bores me....

  2. Mondays are very rotten. I certainly do pity you. I get up about 15 minutes after you. Oh, but there is the time difference. So technically I get up an hour and 15 minutes after you. haha.
    My dad does too, but not electric. And I do hope to be able to come to Florida this summer.
    Wow that's hot for March. And now I'm jealous that you mention swimming. haha.
    *bows* thank you, thank you.
    so how do you like the bloggg? cool eh?

  3. Very "cool eh."

    I'm not really sure if Dad knows how to string an electric. He might. Do you really have one? I thought you only had acoustic.

  4. haha *bows again* thank you, thank you.

    yeah I got one from a friend that he didn't use at all and was practically like new. I got the guitar and amp for 60 bucks! really cheap. it's a squire, black and white.