Tuesday, May 26, 2009


School's almost over! Summer, yay! But finals, nooo, they are yucky. Tomorrow I have my algebra *gag* final and I think that most of my other ones will be prettyyy easy. Such as band. Name five things I learned in band this year. Well:
1) Mr. Strong is awesome

2) Mr. Strong has funny quotes

3) Mr. Strong has spiky hair

4) Mr. Strong likes colored water

5) How to play forte pianos and how awesome they are.

I'm pretty sure the only one he would except would be the last one, haha.

But after everyone is done with the final, then we will watch West Side Story, because that is going to be our marching show for next year! Whoo! Fun music to play. Although we only have like three varsity home games that we will get to play at. Darn. Competition will be fun though. And I'll be playing tenor sax, another whoo! I love tenor, it's bigger and deeper and coooooler. Enough said.

And ISYM music camp will be fun, as well as softball games. Hanging out with friends and getting tan sounds like the most fun though, haha. Maybe make some money too? *cough* MOTHER *cough*. Hehe.

Oh, and David Cook's music is amazing.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Life is so complicated and confussing, I don't even know how to word what I'm thinking or feeling.
Thank goodness school is almost over.
I can't wait until I learn to drive, then getting a vehicle. Preferably a truck.
I can't wait to finally turn 15 in a month.
I desperately want to see Family Force 5 in concert. Their remix album that comes out in 4 days is gonna kick butt.
I want converse for my birthday.
I wish life was more simple.
I really needed to post on my blog, so here it is.