Friday, May 15, 2009


Life is so complicated and confussing, I don't even know how to word what I'm thinking or feeling.
Thank goodness school is almost over.
I can't wait until I learn to drive, then getting a vehicle. Preferably a truck.
I can't wait to finally turn 15 in a month.
I desperately want to see Family Force 5 in concert. Their remix album that comes out in 4 days is gonna kick butt.
I want converse for my birthday.
I wish life was more simple.
I really needed to post on my blog, so here it is.


  1. Sounds like life is complicated.

    Oh no, FF5 is coming out with a remix album? Trust me, it's gonna sound horrible. Their Dance or Die album is already terrible. Sorry to offend.

    I'm glad you posted!!! I've been waiting for a while. :)

  2. Oh it is, but good at the same time.

    Dance or Die is NOT terrible. I heard some of their songs off the remix album, Dance or Die for a Vengance, and it's not bad. It's remixed by other artists. And I can't critize them like you do because I am a die hard FF5 fan.

    haha, well I've been grounded ;)

  3. My dad actually says that the remix album is better than the real Dance or Die album because it's mixed by other artists like Relient K and friends. I bet it is better, but I still think that dance music does not suit FF5. Crunk is a lot better for them.

  4. i agree, but i love their music either way.