Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just Stuff That's been going on lately

*sigh* So marching band season is almost over. Last game was a week ago, and we have our last competition on Halloween. I love marching band. But I do think it's time for pep and concert band! Play pep band during the basketball games, just plain fun. We're getting some new music, like the song Living On a Prayer. Mr. Strong already has the Christmas concert date, which is like the beginning of December. Can't wait to get the music for that. I love playing tenor saxophone, it's more fun than alto. Some marching band pics:

Homecoming was also recently, last Saturday. Lots of fun, got crazy. Pics:

Anddd the fall play is tonight! Spoon River Anthology. Will be a lot of fun. Pics of our dress rehearsal:

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  1. Cool that you get to do "Living on a Prayer." I used to think it was called "Living on a Planet." :D lol

    I like your hat for marching band. Or whatever you call it. :D looks good.