Thursday, July 2, 2009

So I haven't written on this thing in quite a while

Summer has been fun so far. ISYM camp was a blast, met a lot of cool people and learned a lot. Best week of my summer so far, no doubt. Played my saxaphone so much I ruined a brand new reed, oh and my lip got so bad that it actually bled. But still, tons of fun.
Um hasn't been too hot here, kind of cool actually. Been in like the 70's-ish.

My softball team is really good, we've won 4 games and only lost once so far. I'm doing pretty good at it too. Actually I'm doing amazing.

Have my first marching band practice next Thursday. I can't wait for marching band to start again. I'll be playing a tenor this year, that'll be a lot of fun. Our marching show is West Side Story. We only have 3 home varsity games that we play in though, so thats dissapointing. But we'll do competition too, which we will lose. lol

I need some way to work and make money for myself. Anybody need a babysitter??


  1. Ouch, that sounds like a baaad owie..... Has it healed yet? That would hurt.

    You should wear the awesome hats in your marching band... The hats that the dudes in the picture have on.

  2. Yeah it's healed, I just played wayyy too much that week lol.

    Haha, yeah. We have some similar but they're maroon and the plumes are blue.