Monday, April 6, 2009

Snow on spring break.

It sucks. I hate snow period, but on spring break?! That's terrible. Ugh.
I'm babysitting my brothers, once again. They're stealing peanuts off the table next to me. I'm uber bored, no life, haha. But I am talking to Katie on AIM, which means not total boredness. Now my bros are throwing the peanuts at me. Haha, Isaac saw me catch him throw it xD He made his inocent face. He wants me to play castle with him, so he's getting my attention by throwing food. lol. Josh is saying ewww. No clue why. Haha, I love my brothers.


  1. Oh, I pity you so much (this was said sarcastically). I haven't had snow in so long, and I miss it like crazy!!! Lucky (snow) duck!

    Your brothers are so sweet!!! How old are they now? Tell them I say hi!!!

  2. Yeah, but after a while it gets very old, especially on spring break when we're supposed to be outside hanging with our friends instead of inside all day on the computer.
    Isaac is 5 and Joshua is 3. Me and Isaac have a secret handshake xD

  3. That is really, REALLY cute. :) I wish I had a little brother (that didn't bug me of course).

  4. lol, yeah. Yes, little brothers are great.